Minimalist bedrooms are all the rage on Pinterest and in all the home styling magazines. Minimalist design has been a popular trend in recent years with its clean lines, monochromatic colour palettes and simplicity. We are drawn to minimalist design as stylists but we do love to add some vibrant colours and art pieces where we can - because in our opinion, every room needs art and colour. 

One of our favourite rooms to incorporate minimalist design is in the bedroom because it creates a peaceful, calming atmosphere. The bedroom is where you start and end your day, so it should be the place you feel the most comfortable and the most relaxed. The key to achieving a minimalist bedroom aesthetic is to strip away unnecessary elements and embrace a less-is-more philosophy. At TRES, our specialty is turning empty, luxury houses into stylish, inviting homes with high-end, expert styling. In this blog we are sharing our top tips for how you can transform your bedroom into a minimalist haven.


1. Choose a Neutral Colour Palette

Neutral colours are often associated with “minimalist” style, but we’re not here to tell you to limit yourself to whites and greys. Of course, if you want to go with the traditional minimalist colour palette then go ahead, but make sure you accompany it with decor that adds a pop of colour to the room. You want your bedroom to have life and personality, but to bring in the minimalist style, be soft and gentle with your choices. Embrace warm and earthy colours associated with the minimalist bedroom design like rust, marigold, terracotta, sage and turmeric. These tones paired seamlessly with linens (a forever recommendation from us) and complimentary natural textures like leather, timber or brass accents will tie the room together and give it some depth and character.

2. Simple Furniture Choices

Furniture selection is crucial to achieving a contemporary minimalist bedroom. Consider the size of the space and choose furniture that compliments it. Stay away from big and bulky items, or furniture that makes too bold of a statement. Minimalist design is all about the clean lines, sleek furniture and simplicity. Try frameless beds, smooth-textured bedheads, or a timber platform bed with clean edges. Pair it with simple nightstands that incorporate natural textures such as rattan, timber, or even a sleek black design. Remember to keep any surfaces free from clutter when finalising your styling. 

3. Let’s Talk About Art

Never underestimate the impact a piece of art can have in any space, especially a bedroom. If you opt for more neutral tones in the room, a wonderful and colourful art piece is your opportunity to add character to the space. Select a single piece of art to serve as a focal point that doesn’t overwhelm the room. A sizable, well-chosen artwork can become a central feature and will anchor the room’s overall design. If you're lost or need some art inspo, you can join our mailing list to be the first to hear about our new curated art collection - sign up here.

4. Play with Textures 

We say “less is more” but don't be afraid to add a few textured cushions or a throw onto your bed. A soft rug, plush bedding, and symmetrical cushions can create a cosy ambience without disrupting the minimalist design. Architectural Digest recently shared their minimalist bedroom design tips, and said “Sticking with the same material and colour is key because they create clean lines and unity in the room.” and we totally agree. If you prefer the neutral tones, then textures need to be amped up and experimented with - have fun! Another fun way to bring texture, colour and life into your room, is to introduce greenery with a plant or flowers. 

5. Mindful Decor

Lastly, the final touches. Decor is an opportunity to add your personality into the room. Remember it’s YOUR bedroom. It might be the only space in the house that is holy and solely yours. Whether you have kids, or no kids, are married or single, this room should have sprinkles of your personality throughout. Choose colours that make you happy, decorate as you please, and then strip things back where possible. Don’t be afraid to decorate, but remember - less is more. If you want to add decorative books, choose 1 or 2, not 5, and if you’re choosing a side lamp, go for a small, neutral coloured option. 

Follow our expert styling tips if you want to achieve a minimalist bedroom design that is timeless, relaxing and contemporary. No matter what style you choose, there is always room for personality and character, so don’t be afraid to break the rules. Bring in colour if you want colour, have fun with textures, and overall focus on how the space makes you feel, over the aesthetics. For more styling tips and inspo pics, be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.  

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