"cost".. or a money making investment?

Much like a renovation we think of styling as an investment rather than a cost.

Set your home up for success, achieve the best possible result and don't leave money on the table. We can provide you a quick quote within 24 hours - just ask us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

​​​How much does property styling cost?

Price is dependent on property size/amount of living spaces. We are all about return on investment. On average sale prices of properties styled by TRES fetch approx: $50,000-$300,000+ more then initial valuation. Prices can vary anywhere between $5000 and $30000+ depending on properties requirements. 

How does The Real Estate Stylist choose furniture for a property?

We design on availability from our large collection of furniture, artwork and props. We bring together a cohesive design that best suits the market, the architectural features of the space and the potential buyer. We own all of our furniture, giving us the ability to have full quality and aesthetic control over our stock. 

Can I hire just a few pieces from The Real Estate Stylist?

Unfortunately not. We are not a hire furniture company, we are a styling company. We specialise in presenting empty properties for sale as we believe that ads the most value to the end result.

What are the payment terms? 

Deposit required to hold booking and balance due upfront prior to installation.

Are you insured? 

We have full insurance for all of our furniture for the entirety of your campaign. 

How long before I sell my property should I engage The Real Estate Stylist?

We would recommend at least 2-3 weeks between quoting and installation time.

Where do you service? 

We would LOVE to service all of Melbourne (and Australia for that matter) however we are located in Tullamarine and get booked out very quickly, so we are currently only providing our services within approximately a 50 minute radius. During peak times this service area may be reduced due to capacity. Please note your location prior to requesting a quote. 

​Can I use some of my own furniture? 

Unless the furniture piece fits in with the design and is the optimum piece for the property, for maximum impact we request removal of all furniture.

Do I have to vacate the property for the campaign?

Yes, that is the TRES request. Our clients who have moved out of their property for the campaign have found the sale process much easier. No Wednesday night/ Saturday morning mad dash around the house, hiding the dirty dishes and playing incognito with the kids in the car down the street. Once we have gone in and done our thing, it's best to keep it as is and sit back and relax from the sidelines. This also optimises the quality of our furniture as our pieces are not lived on. 

Can I select specific pieces for my property? 

As we are professional stylists at The Real Estate Stylist we request that the trust is placed on our knowledge of the market, current trends and your potential buyers and allow us to take care of the selection of all furniture and styling items. However, if you have specific requests please let your stylists know and we will see where we can accomodate.  

Is TRES available to style for the photoshoot only?

Yes. If you have a space that requires full furnishing and a stylist for a photoshoot we can accomodate. Hire length usually 48 hours and can cost anywhere between $1500-$4500 for styling services. We can project manage photographer and provide artistic direction upon request. Fill out the quote form above or contact us to find out more.

How Does Property Styling with The Real Estate Stylist work? 

Property Styling is different to Interior Design. When you engage The Real Estate Stylist to design a styling package for your home, you are engaging professional stylists who are knowledgeable and experienced in Real Estate and know how to bring out a properties full potential. The trust is placed on the stylists to fill up your home with quality furnishings that will help your property reach it's optimum selling price.  We take care of all the styling and furniture elements based on your properties features as ultimately that is what the buyer will walk away with.

How long is an average hire campaign? 

5-6 weeks is standard and allows for 1 week for photography and campaign launch. Longer campaigns available upon request. ​​